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Hi folks,



We're doing an article about headphones for one of the biggest fashion magazines and we'd like to use this particular headphone for the photo shoot. We're looking for a particular model though. It has this beautiful art on one of its earcups. It seems like the rest of the models don't share a similar design. Can somebody here clarify if this model was for sale or it was made for promotional use only. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.



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I think that particular headphone was produced by a commissioned artist was a special one off that AT displayed during the announcement for the W3000ANV.  I don't remember seeing that model ever made it out to the public in retail.  

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Probably so, there was a matching microphone with similar lacquer work as well. The "normal" W3000ANVs don't have this so I doubt you'll be able to get your hands on that one.

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Talk to Audio Technica. The W3000ANV is about 2 years old, and I don't think you can get them new easily anymore.

I think Fostex have done a similar thing on their TH900 so they might be worth talking to as well.

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