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For Sale: Astro Mixamp Pro 2011

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For Sale:
Astro Mixamp Pro 2011

Will Ship To: USA

Just selling the Mixamp Pro 2011 model. Comes with USB, optical, y splitter (audio/microphone), and 2.5mm male/male (For 360 controller chat). Don't have the 3.5mm to 3.5mm (will include a short one), or the RCA female to 3.5mm male (both easily bought everywhere online).

The 2011 Mixamp is the one that has the least amount of hiss, and the most inputs:

Optical, digital coaxial, RCA, 3.5mm MP3 input.

Asking for $45 shipped via Paypal. You know these go on Ebay for around $100. Only asking for $45 total, add more if not gifted. Selling because I already have another Mixamp.

Those head-fi gamers probably know me by now, so you can trust me as a seller.

The 2011 Mixamps have a tendency of having some noise on the volume pot ONLY when adjusting volume (the 3 I've owned had this). Once volume is set, you're set. I personally just leave my volume at around 70% and control volume with the game/voice knob, that way I never get any volume pot noise.

If pics are needed, I'll post them up later, though it will come with everything as mentioned.
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Pending sale
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The noisy volume pot comes from dust building up under it. If you turn it up and down for about a minute, the noise goes away... until the next time the dust builds. It worked on the mixamp that I bought from you last year...

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