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Some Help with decisions

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Totally placed this in the wrong place like a complete noob. I apologize


Hey everyone! Looking into getting some cans for my commute and for home use. My music collection is very eclectic and I'm in no way an audiophile, although I do appreciate good quality sound. I'm looking at the AKG K545 and the Marshall Monitors as well as looked into the Audio Technica ATHESW9A currently but am open to suggestions. I don't want Beats as I don't really enjoy the sound. My price range is in the $200's. The headphones will be used, again, for commuting to and from work, studying, working at home, stuff stuff haha.



Thanks for all the great feedback


EDIT: I will mainly use it through my iPhone 5. Was thinking on getting a new media player and amp later down the line as this pair will be my introductory. I've only really used apple headphones

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The AKG are honestly not all that portable, as theyre quite big, doesnt fold that well, and doesnt clamp to your head as tightly as other portable headphones (so you get a less consistent fit and for some smaller heads, they slip off). Theyre based on the k550 design and i still wonder why theyre trying to sell it as portable...


marshall monitor headphones i havent rly had a good experience. not particularly impressive sounding. Who knows that might have changed though.


I would suggest also sony Mdr 1r. Theyre UBER comfortable headphones with a good sound as well.


Also to look into is SOL republic master tracks. VERY surprising sound from one of those "celebrity" headphone companies. really quite a good sound.


vmoda m80 is a classic at this point to suggest. Good headphones, i personally think the master tracks one up it a little though.


of the bunch, the akgs probably have the best sound... but again... i question its status as a portable headphone despite apple remotes and what nots.


just a few more suggestions for you. Hope it helps :D

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I like the Sony ones that you mentioned. The SOL I tried in Best Buy just now and it didn't feel like something I could wear for extended play. What makes the MDR-1R more "portable" than the AKG K545?


Any other possible suggestions in that range?

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Whoa actually I like both the Sony and the Vmoda! grrrr.....Which would you think better? I cant seem to find them in store to try on

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The mdr 1r will be a step up from the m80. Has more balanced sound as well as much better comfort in the long run.

The akg again doesnt have strong clamping force, of course you can bend them to get more clamping force, but that scares me a little. I do have a smaller head, so for me, the akgs can actually just slip off which is problematic. Even people with normal sized heads can have problem with it tho. If you got a big head then it could work for you.

Anyways, because of the clamping. You dont get a very consistent fit, whcih affects the sound (particularly the bass) as well as the isolation of the headphones.

Hope that helps smily_headphones1.gif
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Oh I tended to look at the V-Moda M-100....why I don't know but its quite nice 

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Oh. Similar thought i guess. MDR 1R is still more comfortable. Vmoda m100 will have a more fun sound with a ton of bass while the MDR 1R is more balanced.


Personally though i find the m100's sound to be a bit too aggressive. Vocals are very forward, bass is very big, everything kind of just jumps at you. The MDR 1R is a lot more comfortable to listen to both sound wise and comfort wise for me. The sound impression is just my personal opinion however. ymmv

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