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For Sale: Audio Note DAC 2.1B Kit (Assembled)

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For Sale:
Audio Note DAC 2.1B Kit (Assembled)

Will Ship To: Continental U.S.A.

I am selling my like new Audio Note DAC 2.1B kit. This kit was assembled by Digital Pete. I purchased this DAC around November 18, 2013. It is like new and only has around 2 hours of use on it. This DAC does not come with the USB input. This sale is for the assembled DAC not the kit. This DAC was not shipped and will not come with a power cord.


Buyer is responsible for all Paypal fees and shipping fees.


From the Audiokits website:

"Here are some of the things that make this DAC kit a clear cut above the rest: Dual 6922 (individually heated) Analog Board. Digital and Analog sections both have shielded AC Secondaries. The highly praised and enhanced M2 Power Supply is used for the analog section. No Analog Filtering (analog filtering has been totally removed). I/V Transformers (2.1 B) Highly configurable with a great range of options and upgrades available."


Available Inputs Standard 75-ohm RCA (S/PDIF) Available Outputs Single-ended stereo outputs via Left/Right RCA sockets Output Impedance 1.3 K Output Level 2.5V RMS both channels Chassis Dimensions 15" wide, 16" back to front, 5.75" height including height from floor


DAC 2.1 Digital Board M2 Power Supply 6922 Output Stage PTFE wire (silver plated copper) AN-A Cable Audio Note I/V transformers 


More info here:

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