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Alternative to NVX XPT100

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I made the plunge and bought my first pair of hifi headphones. After a couple weeks of research, I decided on the nvx xpt100. The price was right and I liked a lot of the reviews here. I received them today in the mail but I think I need to return them. The wife was complaining about sound leakage when I was playing my ipod at only about 60% volume. I tried both ear cups, and the leakage is the same. She said the highs were what was leaking out moreso than the lows. I also think I need a set that is a little more portable (foldable and compact)

I'm sad because I love the fit and the sound signature. The amount of bass is exactly what I'm looking for as well. Does anyone have any suggestions to either decrease sound leakage or another set that sounds and feels similar under $150? I will mainly be driving these with am ipod and on my pc (I have a uca202 hooked up to my desktop/bookshelf monitors). I may buy the fiio e17 or e18 sometime down the road.
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All headphones to some extend leak sound. The question would be how much, I presume you use them before sleep and that's why your wife can hear them and complain...(we've been there) I suggest lower the volume or use IEMs instead.

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I have a pair of iem's but I don't like wearing them for extended periods of time. Is clamping force pretty much the biggest factor in sound leakage then?
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It does affect, Do you feel the pressure is inconsistent? try pushing to see if your wife can still hear it but I'm afraid the problem will stay. 

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Well, I did notice that one of the earpads is folded in on itself due to the way it was packaged. I know that there was less leakage when I tried the ATH m50s, but the clamp strength was so strong that I couldn't wear them for more than 5 minutes. I guess that's the trade off if you want more comfortable pads? 

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