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I recently started looking for a new set of IEMs, and after some thought, I think that custom IEMs are the way to go.


Over the short period of time (3-4 years) that I've really cared about my IEMs, I've only owned two notable pairs: UE Triple-Fi 10s and Westone 3s.


I currently use a Beyerdyanmics DT 1350 on ear headphone as my do it all device, but I've put a lot of wear and tear on them, and wanted to transition them more into an at home usage and opt to have custom iems when I'm out of the house or on trips.


I've done a little bit of research, and I'm trying to maximize quality without breaking the bank.

Looking over the super-mega review chart, the Alclair References and the 1964ears V3 caught my attention. I think my major concern is, while I don't have a particularly large budget, I also don't want to purchase a set of custom IEMs that I'll replace sooner, rather than later. I think at the absolute most, my budget would be around ~650 USB, the price of 1964ears V6' and Alclair's RSMs.

I think the biggest question I have is: How much do the quantity of drivers matter? The Reference and V3s are all 3 drivers, the RSM being a quad, and the V6 having 6 drivers evenly distributed between Low/Mid/High. Or am I better off saving up for some very big brand like JH audio?