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3-400 dollar budget.

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Well I've owned the sennheiser 280s for almost a year now and think I've finally started to outgrow them. I'm starting to notice a difference when I try nicer friends headphones.
I mainly listen to indy and country, but what I really look for is the vocal clarity and instrumental clarity. From what I've read that means an emphasis on mids and highs.
If needed in also open to an amp if you think is needed. I will be running these mainly off of my s4 phone and computer so I'm assuming it will be beneficial.
They will also occasionally be ported around but for the most part will live at the house.
What would you guys recommend?
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If it is mainly going to be used in the house, Bravo Audio Ocean amp or iFi iCan + German Maestro GMp 400 are great combo's. The Ocean amp is a perfect match

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I would you to check Sony MDR-MA900 out. No amp needed, sounds amazing, super airy and open sound, super lightweight.

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