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Hey everyone! I'm looking for advice on my next headphone purchase. I currently own the Shure SE535, Monster Turbine Pro Copper and The Monster Miles Davis Tribute IEM's. I also own the B&W P5. My current set up is IPhone/Ipad for mobile with a fiio e11 and various MacBooks with an Ibasso amp at home. I have been looking at the Grado 325I/rs2i/ps 500 for awhile. I also just listened to the SE846 and really liked them. I also have to say I can get the SE846 for a significant discount but have really been set on new over the ears to replace my P5's. I listen to Bluegrass/folk/classical and some rock. What I am really looking for is something that still has defined hi tones with a little more present Bass than the Se535.




Thanks All for the recommendations !