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Hello Everyone,


So I am currently shopping for some in ear headphones that will not break the bank, but will provide me the best sound possible.


My preferences:

I listen to a huge range of music from techno, rock, indie, hip-hop, rap, etc.  I really want headphones that give a clear and filling/warm sound.  I enjoy base (and a good deal of it), but too much and I start getting a headache.  I usually like it to add to the sound rather than physically rock my head.  So overall I want something with clear highs and mids with a slightly stronger low range.  (I am bad at explaining).  

I want at least a  single button that works with android to skip/pause/previous and mic.  


I have looked a bit and have heard good things about the Klipsch S4A which is on sale on Amazon for the first model.  I am wondering about the Denon AHC300 which has great reviews, but many things say there is a TON of base and also I don't know if its buttons will work for android (at least to pause play or skip).  The V-Moda remote remix isalso a strong consideration because they look like they are built well, but I know they will function as, at most, one button press which is fine, but I don't want to be paying extra for multi-button when I can't use it.


Denon AH-C300:


V-Moda Remote Remix:


I was just hoping I could get some opinions on these or other options.  I am coming from Skull Candy ink'd which worked well, but broke a lot.  Anything with equal or better sound is great.  I also have some Bose Companion 3 desktop speakers which have the sound quality I am seeking and the type of base I would like for in-ear headphones because it doesn't move the room, but it strongly adds to the depth of the music.