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For Sale: Heed Canamp - UK

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For Sale:
Heed Canamp - UK

Will Ship To: UK

Selling my Modded Heed Canamp (bought from a fellow head-fier in July 2013)


Original text from his ad:


"Renowned for it's synergy with the AKG K701 I bought this amp to use with my K340s and it served me well for the best part of a year before sitting on my desk virtually unused for the best part of three years since I got my Denons.  I've upgraded the caps and resistors as per PinkFloyd's recommendation and disabled the overly bright LED on the front - if the case is warm it's switched on, you don't need an LED lighting up the whole room! 


Only took the protective film off the front to take the pic so the front is perfect despite what the pic shows - I can smudge the fingerprints any way I like, but they're not coming off.  There are some marks on the top/sides or the case but it's still all black so hard to photograph."


My K701s are going so my Canamp has to go. I'm never at home due to a new job and just pulled the trigger on some IEMs and portable amp.


Let me know if you have any questions

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