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Originally Posted by wakibaki View Post

Thanks for that.

I found a few people who had tried these high-cap batteries. They were doing comparative tests, so what impressed them, impressed me.

Also the qi pad was new to me, this is a possibility for a design, but there are some outstanding problems that, IMO, mean that the absolute performance will not equal that of designs with an offboard transformer. 


I think it'd be noisey, if powered by that, I was thinking purely for charging, it might allow for a smaller case.
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I've already built a PPA that I'm very happy with, but always interested in new ways to power my LCD-2's.
Thread bookmarked! smily_headphones1.gif
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This could be interesting. I just bought a PINT board as well as a PPA-S off of a fellow head-fier. Don't know what I'm going to do yet with them. I was thinking of integrating one of them into a future DAC build. Anyways, this might even be more up my alley due to the semi-resemblance to The Wire.

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I am starting my project of semiportable headphone amp with OP1611 (or LME49990) + LF411 as DC servo + 2x buffer paralel LME49600 /channel. Powered by 6x AW cells 750mAh -12V and +12V.

I hope it will play some time long- 750mAh is not much!
One relay as undervoltage (3.0V/cell) switch off device for protect deep discharge accus.
Second relay delayed switch on headphones to output for protect crack to headphones after start.
Blue ALPS pot, output JACK 6.3 mm and Neutrik XLR NC4 (pseudo balanced).


I have questions:

A-Is better use at ground OPA + BUFFER too as PPA ?


B-Is better use class A biasing OPA and Buffer ?


C-Should I wait for new model developed in this thread ?

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I'm in.....

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I'll try and get some more time in on this project soon.

I've been pretty busy on non-electronics related projects lately.

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I'm in. sounds like fun project

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Originally Posted by NuClear235 View Post



That sure looks sweet! How does it sound? Do you like it?

I love the Hammond cases, have a bunch of them in different sizes lying around for future projects :-)

What DAP are you using? It looks interesting...
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Yes, the Hammond case is perfect. It has amazing PCB holdind.

Sound is great. But is very difficult to choice OPAs.

I have LME49710, LME49990 and OPA1611. It seems the winner will be OP1611. But I will test more and make measurement.

Power it has really enough.


My source is DAP Astell and Kern AK100 and FLAC files (CD grabs).

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any updates on this? need new project

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Originally Posted by mik000000 View Post


any updates on this? need new project

No, sorry. Other projects have been keeping me pretty busy.

If anyone else is interested in contributing or taking over

the project, be my guest.

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