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Need some new earbuds

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Hi, sorry if this is the wrong forum just found it on Google.
I need some new earbuds due to my sennheiser cx300 breaking.
My budget is around 100 Eur/150 USD.
I mainly listen to metal (320kbps and FLAC) And random oldies and goodies (random music basically) on Spotify.
I will use them while going to school and home which is basically 2 hours or so everyday and possibly when playing ps3.

I want in ear since that's what I found comfortable and not too much hassle and space in my bag and/or pockets.
I want decent bass and audio quality, better than cx300 hopefully, I don't really care if it's one of those flat Cords or not or if it has volume control.

Sorry if this post is weird, typing from phone since I desperately need new earbuds.
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You could try the Shure SE215 - they sell for ~$100 in the USA, not sure what they cost in the EU. They are IEMs that wrap around your ear - will that style work for you, or would you rather have a cord that hangs straight down like the CX300?
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I suggest the Vsonic GR07BE. You can get it here for $130 with free shipping:


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Unfortunately over ear isn't something I like. I'd prefer hanging cord
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