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Hello everyone!


This is my first post here and I am new to everything headphones. I know that they go on your ears, and sounds come out when they are plugged into things. Outside of that I couldn't tell you what is good, bad, or otherwise. I am coming to you in search of my next purchase, and hopefully one that will last me for a few years.


I am a PC gamer before anything else in regards to headphones. I don't know how much that has an effect on what suggestions people give, but I have read some posts where people are asking for 'Fun' cans. I guess those are what I am also looking for? This would be to replace my current headset (Razer Carcharias), so I also would like to include the price of a microphone that is average or above. 


If possible, I would really like to keep my price range around $200.00 or less. I know that isn't going to give me the best headphones, but I would like to get the best bang for my buck. My only real request is that the headphones be comfortable because I do have days where I go 8+ hours wearing them, and I do need to be able to purchase the headphones from Amazon. I was originally looking at Astro A40 System and SteelSeries Siberia Elites, but was told that they are a waste of my money.


I'm really looking forward to getting some suggestions, and maybe learning a bit more about headphones along the way. Thanks anyone in advance who can lend me some advice here. I truly appreciate it.