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Sub-$250 IEMs with mic

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I just broke the jack on my current headphones (A161P) when the cable got caught up on something as I was sitting down, so I figured I could maybe try something new when I replace them.  I like the A161P's fairly well, though I sometimes wish for a bit more bass.  I also have some trouble with wax buildup in the drivers since there is no removable filter, and given how this pair broke, having a modular cable wouldn't be a bad thing either.


I was thinking about just getting another pair of A161P's, but started poking around a bit and started thinking about the T-Peos H-200, though I can't seem to find anywhere to order them.  I've owned a number of IEMs in the past.  pre-Logitech UE 5 Pros which I liked, a couple pairs of TS02+mic that I liked, a pair of HiFiMan phones that I was fine with audio quality but had terrible quality and customer service problems with, and a smattering of others that I bought mainly for sports use.


I listen to lots of techdeth and other things that have lots of overlapping and tight instrumentation, so it's important to me that my headphones do not suffer from muddiness or extended fall-off.  I like a fairly neutral sound signature, but a little coloration is ok.


tl;dr requirements list:

sub-$250 (as sub- as possible)


mic (in line controls that are Android compatible; I have a Nexus 5)

responsive, tight, accurate sound reproduction

neutral sound signature

detachable cables and removable/cleanable driver filters are a plus


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I'm thinking about the Shure SE215 or SE315 with the Android-friendly cable now.  I'm a bit worried about the 315's ported drivers, as I'd rather avoid leaking sound to my surroundings if possible.  I was also thinking about maybe stepping up to the 425s for the dual drivers, but I see very mixed opinions on those.  Do the 315s leak much?  Are the 425s as tinny and lacking in bass as some people say?  The cable quality also somewhat concerns me, as that also seems to be a consistent complaint.  The pricing on the cable also is kind of obscene...

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I got in touch with Meelectronics support, and they said they could get me an out of warranty replacement discount price.  Unfortunately, the closest thing they currently have is the A151P.  Is the A151 reasonably close to the A161?  I see the frequency response doesn't look as good, and they are a step down the price scale, so I have my reservations... the rep tried to push me in to the Atlas, but I really want IEMs, and the mic matters...

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