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Hi All,


Been lurking here for quite some time now and always found the forums to be a veritable hive of useful....and sometimes if I may say, very occasionally, useless information :D

On the whole though, this has become my go-to site whenever I want to source honest and informed opinions from people who already have the gear I intend to buy.


Hence, today I would be eminently grateful to any of you who can impart any advice re. what would be considered the 'correct' pricing for some components I am intending to sell here at head-fi.

Specifically it's a collection of Musical Fidelity equipment: X-Can v3 (with Rockgrotto cap mod and Voskhod tube upgrade (sounds amazing)), X-PSUv3 (stock), X-DACv3 (stock), X-10v3 (stock). Includes power cables for four components even though I only have three driven from the X-PSU.


I've put the system together over the past year or so and enjoyed it immensly with my HD-650's. preferred choice of music has been Floyd, Sylvian, Budd, Eliane Elias, Brad Meldau some classical - all sounding wonderfully transparent, deep and with a sublime veneer of subtle tubeyness. However, it's time to move on and let someone else enjoy this set.


Any ideas how much I should let this lot go for? It's mint condition, located in Holland so shipping has to be accounted for etc.


Please, no offers here - only advice for pricing. A full advertisement including pictures will be placed in the relevant forum on receipt of any advice I can garner here.


Cheers guys!