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For Sale: SOLD: AKG Q701 White

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For Sale:
SOLD: AKG Q701 White

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For Sale are a pair of AKG Q701 that are in great condition. Headphones are mint, the cable has a few marks on it. Have owned these for around 2 months.


Comes with headphones and 3mm cable only - no box etc included.


Price: FIRM $SOLDUSD + shipping costs


Thanks for looking :)

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When did you even got a pair of these?!!


So it is still the La Figaro 339 -> HD650 all the way? :D

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I got this a couple months ago - I will not stop until I have tried everything :)


LF339+HD650 all the way.. Q701 is bloody good for its price though! And I'm not saying it for the sale.. I don't need the money :)

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No I think this is a great price :)

The 701s aren't even close to what you would prefer! Brave choice!



Also free ad for Golo:


I know this guy in person and while his post count is low, he is very trust worthy. If he cheated on you on this transaction, I will personally drive up to his place and steal his 701's and post them to you.



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