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Head-fi reviews of AKG K375 and Nocs NS400 Aluminium

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Haven't seen any reliable reviews of these two IEMs. Has anyone here tried them? In particular I'm looking for something with slight V signature with good musicality, clarity, deep lows balanced with bright trebles, wide and open soundstage, good isolation (for plane travel) and 3-button remote.


Am  considering the OM Audio Inearpeace (which at least has a head-fier review) but looking at alternative before pulling the trigger.


Nocs NS400 Aluminium




AKG K375

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Hi wysin I'm a noob so immediate apologies for anything I might miss, but I did try the 375s and can provide some info on them.  They are a bass heavy phone and when I say bass I mean BASS.  But it's not the mid-bass that's powerful, but the sub-bass.  It just rumbles and is an always present constant.  Sometimes I loved this especially when listening to some funk or hip-hop, but oftentimes it just got in the way.  It kept on creeping in during tracks that didn't require it, which gets to the next point and that's the mids are recessed in a weird way.  Let me try to explain. 


When tracks are recorded well and have a full body to them the mids sound fine.  Not forward, not recessed, just right overall.  But when tracks emphasize the mids and highs the mids actuall disappear and the whole track becomes oddly distant - almost like listening to an old school AM radio.  I noticed this particularly when I listened to certain CCR tracks like "Bad Moon Rising" and "Down on the Corner".  Again, weird. 


In terms of the treble, good overall.  I haven't had enough experiences with IEMs to know exactly how good, but they seem to have a pretty good extension and clarity.  There was some sibilance, but not terrible.  Where trebles became and issue is with harshness.  Not sure if it's because they didn't roll off or were simply not controlled, but at the lower freq range of trebles they became grating often and after a short period of listening I would feel almost nauseous (and this is at lower volumes).  


Fit was an issue as I couldn't get them to stay in ear with the provided tips.  I don't have a ton of tips in my inventory to roll from so this was a big issue for me.  Comfort was ok, but I didn't like the cables at all.  They were good quality, but were not particularly pliable and had a good deal of microphonics.  Usually no biggie if you can do over ear, but because of the fit issue and lack of pliability I couldn't wear them over ear.  


In summary, very bassy but presents detail and clarity surprisingly well given the amount of bass presence.  This is due to bass being more sub-bass than mid-bass I think.  Mids are ok, but odd and trebles extend well but are somewhat harsh.  I returned mine because it wasn't worth the price.  At $40-50 maybe worth it, but at $100 I'd go with the RHAs personally.  Way better overall package if you can get them to fit well (I couldn't sadly). 


I hope this helps in some small way. 

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Thanks very much jhooVA! That's an awesome review and more detail than I could ask for. Looks like the K375 is off my list.Now hoping someone has tried the NOCS.

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 I found this thread to be helpful. Mainly the part where at the $50 range this would be a good deal.  The AKG K375 black and white are on sale on the Harman Kardon site for $84.99 with free shipping. I had a 40% coupon code, so my cost is $50 shipped. 


Since I travel on two wheels most of the time, I figured I will need some buds at some point in time when my headphones wouldn't be a option.

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The black AKG K375 are on way backordered. After waiting two weeks, I was told it would be another month before tje K375 will be in stock. So, they are shipping me a White K376 instead..

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so whats the verdict?

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Try the K374. VERY WELL BALANCED. Yes, they have Bass, but not overpowering. I would not call these a Bassheads earphone by any means. So far I haven't found a pair under $300 that equals them. They sound as full as a pair of over ear headphones, and that would be in comparison to My Senn 650,s or AKG 701/ 702's.


I just got a pair of Vsonic GR07 that I have offered onthis forum if not they will go to Ebay as they aren't even close to the 374's.





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