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Hey All,


new here to Head-Fi, looking forward to sticking around and learning about headphones. If any of you are over at Geekhack, I'm over there too as Dubsgalore as well.


anyways, i'm having some serious trouble. I just got the Magni and Modi, as well as the Mad Dogs for christmas. Everything sound amazing - that is until i stop playing music. If i don't play any music, I hear a whining noise it's an electronic ringing honestly goes up and down in volume, and it smoothly changes...extremely aggravating. it's a whining little electronic noise...very annoying. it changes in 'tone' (dont know the word), as i adjust the volume dial on the magni. my friend and I tried to eliminate everything...and we thought it was a fault magni, so i contacted schiit, they sent me a new one last night, same noise. 


extremely discouraging, because i still dont know what it is. Modi? unlikely (apparently), Mad dogs? unlikely (and tried them with the smaller, regular 3.5mm cable they came with, and apparently unlikely its the thicker cable it came with as well.) RCA cables? unlikely as they are shielded and from monoprice (  here) its not the modi->cable either I dont think...because i tried a different one.


Im very confused and lost, very frustrated. last night, my friend suggested that I try getting my phone off and out of the I did, and it actually stopped it, but only last night. now, today, its happening again with the phone out of the room and off again..


My phone is an iphone using at&t, so GSM, which is apparently bad for interference. could that be it? but why is it still happening when the phone leaves the room? there are 5 iphones using AT&T in the house right now..all on. even if it is the phone, isn't it rediculous that I need to shutoff my phone near my computer?


please, any advice? any help? maybe mag the magni/modi, and buy a new amp/dac? I just want to move on an enjoy my new library of flacs :confused_face:





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Do you hear it if you unplug the Modi and only have the Magni on? 

Does it bother you with music playing?

Also, make sure that all your equipment (computer, Modi, Magni) is plugged into the same outlet/ power strip in case it is a ground loop issue, though that seems unlikely. 

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I think I would try taking the whole set-up to your friends house and see if the problem follows you with the HW. That would eliminate the house wiring and location interference from the equation.

Also, try turning off you computer and your phone and leave the modi & magni on. Do you still hear it? Now turn off the Modi. Do you still hear it?

Useless side story...

A million years ago I bought a cheap pair of computer speakers at a swap meet. When I plugged them in, I could hear a Mexican radio station - even when they were NOT plugged into the computer. It only happened at night, because, apparently, that's when the rules change and the Mexican radio stations could crank their transmit power up to megawatts. tongue.gif

Do you have a neighbor with a huge ham radio antenna on his roof that is pointed at your bedroom window?
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