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Are my headphones broken?

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I bought the beyerdynamimc MMX 300's only a couple days ago and hooked it them up to my PS4 with a Astro Mix Amp everything was going good until they started to make little crackling noises if I turned music up too and got to a certain part of a song. Now even if I turn them significantly down I still hear very tiny crackling when I get to certain part of songs, over all not as bad as they would be with max volume. Is this because they are new headphones? Or is it because I turned them up too loud and damaged them? I also put on some kind of burn-in track on youtube for about a half hour at a little less than half volume then turned them up a little more than half. Are my headphones damaged? all advice appreciated!

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Try connecting them to a different source and see if you still hear the noise. If you do, then yes, it seems like something has failed. Am I understanding you correctly that you turned your volume up to max?? Why would you do that? Please tell me that you didn't have them down around your neck and then you turned the volume up so you could still hear them.
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No, I did not have them around my neck I just enjoy listening to my music VERY loud which obviously the best idea I guess. Thanks for the advice but it happens on both my PS4 and my laptop

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As an older head-fi member that abused his ears over decades of bad behavior, I can personally say that I wish I had listened to advice to use better judgement when I was younger. A youth filled with rock concerts, motorcycles and firearms has left me with tinnitus and some gaps in my personal frequency response.
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