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HD600 from Hong Kong - authenticity

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Hey guys, greets from Australia.


I bought a HD600 from accessoryjack.com last week.


Review of that site seems positive




Received it yesterday, for headphones of this price the packaging appears very sparse, with no seals whatsoever on the box or product.

Had a listen, SQ is good but still the question is .. did I get a fake one by any chance?


Its the same as the one in this guy's unboxing vid, except I have two additional HK based stickers which is shown below.



Outer cardboard box and stickers.

Inner box


HD600 owners who have bought in HK, US or elsewhere, can you do a comparison with yours please.

Also, I can't seem to find any serial number on the headphones itself. There is a 'Fabr Num' on the box. Senn themselves did say that some of their cans do not have serial numbers marked, so this may not be out of the ordinary.



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Anyone here bought a HD600 from Kogan ? 


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