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Quandry: Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs or ZTH VI - Another Modded T50RP

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Hello.  I have read a lot on the Mad Dogs and was all set to order a pair until I discovered another company that modifies the Fostex T50RP.  http://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-options/


The headband is thickly padded leather and The ZTF has a few unique options:



By taking out the stock 1/8″ jack and replacing it with a high quality gold connector and cable there are numerous positives:

1.  The sound quality improves.  The soundstage, dynamics, timbre, and “delicacy” are all improved noticeably.  I was shocked at what I’d been missing upon first listen.  These simply sound like nothing is between the user and the music.

2. Alternate and higher quality cables.  By having the jack just slightly on the outside of the headphone instead of “in-set” you can now use any 1/8″ cable from the headphone. Please inquire about numerous termination/connectors for the other end that I can make for you.

3. No more drop-outs or left/right volume issues because of the lower quality connector.  The balance of the headphone is RIGHT on now, “center channel” and imaging is much better!

XLR Balanced Re-Jack

1. By placing a mini xlr out on the left ear-cup you can now have the diversity of listening to the ZMF’s with either a XLR connector or any single ended connector.  This adds all the benefits of the gold-re-jack (see below) PLUS you can get those balanced and vintage amps fired up as you can now blow your brains out with the extreme power many xlr speaker taps can provide!  I recently acquired the Schiitt Mjolnir and the results with my personal pair have been stunning.  Deep endless bass and an effortless quality to music that is extremely awesome! You must have a mini xlr female cable to use this option.


The high quality mogami cable uses switch-craft, neutrik/rean, or Canare terminations.  These cables will not work unless you have the gold re-jack or the XLR Re-Jack.  The benefit of the cables is easily noticeable, as the quality of the input signal greatly improves providing you with no barrier between your ears and the music.


An actual Pilot Pad.  This means it’s made for LONG sessions.  The pad is very wide and soft and will last a long time.  For the utmost in comfort and most surface area this is the way to go.


Has anyone had any experience with the ZTFs or better yet the ZTFs and the Mad Dogs?


Thank you very much!



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I haven't tried both, so I'm not going to make any comparisons, but I have the ZMF (you'll probably get more hits if you change the title/post because it's definitely an "m" and not a "t") and it's the only headphones I've owned that I wasn't tempted to sell at some point. Here's my review: http://headfonics.com/2013/11/the-fostex-t50rp-as-envisioned-by-zach-mehrbach/

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