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Hey gang, my Arrow 12he's input has gone all pear shaped. I can't really complain because this thing has gotten a lot of use, but now I have to shop for a replacement. I have to admit, that while I'm not a basshead, I really like the bass boost option. I'd like to spend around $300, which gives me a lot of options....I've been reading a bit about the following:

ALO National - Read that it lacks in the high freqs; unfortunately, I like a nice crispy high end, so I may rule this one out.

Leckerton UHA-6s-MKII

RSA Tomahawk

Meier Quickstep or maybe the 2 stepdance at a closout price.

I'd be using these with my KSC-75's, my Grado SR-60's and my Senn Amperiors.

I really like the bass boost option of the arrow, but I also like a nice, detailed high end. Is there anything else I should be looking at? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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