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The real question people should ask is where is the crossover point ;) ... any crossover in the midrange 300-7khz suck.


15 to 300 dynamic and 300 to 25khz AMT, planar, rubban,stats would be interesting..


or 15 to 7khz planar and 7khz to ... AMT could be interesting

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Listened to these cans at T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach last weekend.  They had two models (didn't know the model numbers) on demo with one retails for about $2100 and the other for "a few hundred bucks less," according to the representative.  I like the $2100 model a lot; they sound well balanced with good midrange and decent bass (sorta like LCD3s).  The demo was off from a mini iPad and rechargeable/portable amp, so couldn't judge whether these would scale-up or not.


Talked to the booth representative and he said that the crossover point can be configured by changing a cap inside (I suggest perhaps a mini-pot to set one's own).


The construction is industrial but looked better in real life than through the pictures.  The idea of dual-driver is interesting...But $2100 puts it in a very competitive range that hard to convince a buyer for a try.           

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The premium version of the HAMT-1. Note the difference in  the cup hinges compared to the normal below photos).








Will edit this post and add more text later.

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Looks like these will be available for audition at RMAF!



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The fancy  model looks like a folded ribbon tweeter and the white and cheaper unit looks more like a planar type.

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