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The real question people should ask is where is the crossover point ;) ... any crossover in the midrange 300-7khz suck.


15 to 300 dynamic and 300 to 25khz AMT, planar, rubban,stats would be interesting..


or 15 to 7khz planar and 7khz to ... AMT could be interesting

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Listened to these cans at T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach last weekend.  They had two models (didn't know the model numbers) on demo with one retails for about $2100 and the other for "a few hundred bucks less," according to the representative.  I like the $2100 model a lot; they sound well balanced with good midrange and decent bass (sorta like LCD3s).  The demo was off from a mini iPad and rechargeable/portable amp, so couldn't judge whether these would scale-up or not.


Talked to the booth representative and he said that the crossover point can be configured by changing a cap inside (I suggest perhaps a mini-pot to set one's own).


The construction is industrial but looked better in real life than through the pictures.  The idea of dual-driver is interesting...But $2100 puts it in a very competitive range that hard to convince a buyer for a try.           

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The premium version of the HAMT-1. Note the difference in  the cup hinges compared to the normal below photos).








Will edit this post and add more text later.

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Looks like these will be available for audition at RMAF!



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The fancy  model looks like a folded ribbon tweeter and the white and cheaper unit looks more like a planar type.

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I'd really love to see some innerfidelity measurements of the Stymax-Obravo HAMT-1.

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Hi, I just got to try these this past weekend.

First I loved how they look and they are pretty comfy. I found the mids and lows to be pretty good (tight and sharp) and the headphone is airy sounding. The seperation between instruments were extremely well.

But overall it sounded kind of weird to me. Like a thin and empty sounding. Like the voices and bass are there but it's missing something and weight.

They had a few magazines with reviews mainly from Europe. One had a fr chart so I took a photo.

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If the frequency response is HRTF-compensated the level between 2-4 kHz is too much resulting in rather thin and high-pitched voices and propably in a slightly too hollow sound as well.

With headphones, that area between about 2-4 kHz usually should be a bit recessed to get a flat perception of that area.


By the way, I dodn't know the HAMT-1 had bassreflex-vents which can be closed. I guess the black thing that at first glance looked like some kind of sticker to me is in fact the plug for closing those vents (very first pictureon the 2nd page in this thread)?


Edit: I just discovered I had a magazinge called "Audio phile" (it is a special issue by AUDIO and Stereoplay) laying in my office desk for almost four months (my dealer sent it to me as a gift wehen I purchased an IEM in December) which includes the same article but in English with the same response graphs and pictures. So if I'm not mistaking there are three bass reflex ports which can be closed by the included silicone plugs. It says they are located on the rear so I assume those are the three oval "holes" on the picture with one being already closed, aren't they? That would mean you have to unscrew the back cover to regulate the bass ports.

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At the Munich show 2015 these phones presented for me the ultimate headphone highlight .Very dynamic open crystal clear ,smooth and musical with excellent soundstage, i found these better than any other phone on the show and ordered them straight away.I will use these with 300B OTL tube amp, will report later how these sound with good tube amps




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Thank you for the picture (now I can imagine how it looks on head) and for your impressions about hearing the obravo hamt1.

I've ordered  the stymax yesterday, I'm expecting delivery tomorrow.

Your post make me much more curios about the sound. I own a pair of ADAM F7 monitors and they sound awsome with the amt.

(It will play on my Astell&Kern AK100 ii).

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Very very short impression


Got the phones today, first i like to say that you have install the R-L cables right the Obravo lettering on cups should be on rear otherwise the sound is not good,sombody mentioned hollow sound or misplaced odd soundstage.Tried these with tube amp but i prefer good solid state amp i use Linnenberg Maestro and Vivace combo .These are far from "burned in" and i have to wait at least 1-2  weeks to get full performance. If i understood right latest tweaks for this headphone were made in March/April.


These are very comfortable on head with easy adjustment features and build quality is excellent.The sound is very liquid more liquid than electrostatic phones or any planar so the music is presented smooth and easy.L-R and front stage are in good balance and quite wide. These are airy phones but weight is not lost at least not with Maestro amp.Vocals like Diana Krall appear very natural and clear and with good size and body without sibilance.Male vocals are natural and meaty as it should be.Big orchestras are handled well.


Liquidity is awesome better than SR-009, the Stax sounds thin against and the liquidity is closer to Orpheus combo .These have similar prat like Grado very rhytmic and your head is automatically shaking.The HD-800 sounds flat against beacause Obravo phones are little bit colored wich makes the music alive .The looks of the phones with alcantara leather is awesome much better what you see on your screen


The duration of my first listening session was almost 6 hours i think that means something

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The vents should be installed this way one closed other two open it has huge impact to balance  the bass is just perfect and the highs sweet and musical female voices are scary real

I'm stunned how much soundstage these give and it's unbelievable how much details and nuances these pick up from recordings much more than HD-800



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With the tuning dots 3 different version of it you can tune individually this phone to each amp.I found that with portable gear the best sound you get is closing two holes  and let one open.Sample frequency chart  with one of many dot configurations here Chord Hugo and IFI micro DSD .You can actually reach pretty flat response with rolling tuning dots



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For those who like to discover fast 90% of the potentiality of Stymax Obravo Hamt-1.Close two vents inside and let one fully open and plug it straight to Mac heaphone output using Audirvana player with exclusive access mode/direct mode/Integer mode 2 and run some good flac files ,i guess you will likely hear one of the best headphones around.

Do you like to discover every bass note on you recordings ? HD-800 users have not heard them.I like this phone more than SR- 009 , this phone has the sweetest highs violons are just great.

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