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Schiit Magni + DT770 250 ohm (mainly for gaming)

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Hello all, I just purchased a pair of DT770's 250 ohm, along with the Schiit Magni amp.  Let me say that I also have a pair of DT770 but the 80 ohm version, which I've been using for 4 years along with my X-fi Titanium HD.  I will admit that I am fairly unknowledgable when it comes to this stuff, so bear with me as I have a few questions.


Well first off, I noticed that the 250ohm DT770's when hooked up to the Magni doesn't sound much louder than the 80 ohm version just being drived by my Titanium HD.  I guess that makes sense since there is already a headphone amp included in the soundcard, but I thought the amp would increase my volume significantly.  Plugging the 80 ohm version into the Magni is absolutely insane sounding, which leads me to believe that I wasted my money on the 250 ohm version - it just seems more quiet, and pumping the volume up all the way isn't as loud as I thought it might be.  I haven't burned the new headphones in yet so maybe that's why it seems that way, unless I am mistaken (in other words, will my new headphones get louder after I burn them in)?


Also, when it comes to volume control, where should my windows volume be set at in comparison to the Magni volume?  Right now I just have windows at 50% and am changing the Magni as needed.  I am not sure what is the norm for this.


Any help and feedback would be appreciated!

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Yes, the more ohm, the lower the possible volume, but also the possible benefits of more detailed sound. It seems your only criteria is how loud the headphones play. How is the sound quality?


Also, are you using the headphone out from your sound card to connect the Magni? If so, you are double amping, not bad per se but also not necessary advisable. 


Headphone usually don't get louder after burn in.




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Thanks for the response.  Well I was hoping for an increase of quality as well as sound.  I guess I can switch between the two headphones based on how I'm feeling.  It's just that the 250 ohm version I have to turn the dial up pretty much all the way and have windows at 50%+ to make it "loud."  I guess that part will vary from user to user, though.


As for connecting the Magni to my soundcard, I am using an RCA plug between the two, rather than the headphone out, which I assumed was correct to do.

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Using the RCA out is the line out, I think, that's good, so you are not double amping. In that case putting the Windows volume to 100% is advisable, that way the amp can work on the "full" signal on the line out.

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Putting it at 100% shouldn't screw anything up on my soundcard, correct?  I have been reading around and a lot of people are saying to put it at 75%/80%.  I guess with me being a little cautious last night I probably got a false idea of what the amp + headphones can do.

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