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£80 DAC

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Hi there I have recently purchased a Little dot mkiii and am very happy with it however I now need to look for a decent DAC to pair it with. I am not looking to spend over £80 and was wondering whats the best option for me. So far I have identified the smsl 1955+ and the HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Async as being in my price range with good reviews and was wondering if I should get one of them or something that might be even better?



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help would be greatly appreciated

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Originally Posted by sgbwill2 View Post

... I am not looking to spend over £80 and was wondering whats the best option for me...

Best option is keep saving!

When you reach £100 you will be able to afford a used Arcam rPAC. Job done.
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Thanks for the reply but i already got the topping d20 and it really is superb. so much so that i might buy a topping t-class power amp to drive some new bookshelf speakers i just bought :D

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I have a TP20 mkII and it is astonishingly good provided you only need 5 Watts (which is true for most people most of the time).
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Im so happy with my Topping D20 that I just ordered a Topping TP-22 T-amp similar to the TP-20 that you have but uses an upgraded 2050 chip which supplies more power. I'm going to use it as a power amp to drive my mordaunt-short avant 902i using the laptop as source to the D20 DAC to little dot mkiii as a pre amp then to the TP-22. Hopefully this setup will work nicely as ive heard good things about the TP-22 and the similar TP-20 you have. For the price you get a good product with the D20 so hopefully the TP-22 will follow suit :)

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