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Grado ps1

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Hello, grado PS1- what is so extraordinary ? Its possible that I with my 70 years Old German ears can hear it?

I have had Bose qc3, qc15- good for Noise cancelling - but Not for HiFi. AKG 701 ( very good), newest psb m4u 2- best in active Mode.

Now I can get ca. 5 years old ps1- very expensive. What are the Points I Must Look for?

Thanks from Hamburg . Pardon for my Old School english.

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In my humble opinion, you either like the Grado sound or you do not. I have not heard the PS1, but I have heard other Grados. I found them very different from other headphones. Personally, I didn't like that sound, but plenty of other people do. I found them very unbalanced - with odd peaks and valleys in the sound. I don't know, maybe they just weren't a good match for my own "well-aged" hearing.

If there is any way for you to hear them before purchasing, I would try to do that. I'm not sure it's something I can explain very well.
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Thanks, billybob, Hope it would be possible before purchasing. I will compare it. with my active Psb - they are Great.
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It is essentially collector's item, nothing else.

For my ears, it has incredible bass response even with current G-pads. Other than that, it does not really differ from John Grado sound.

Go for it if you want rare headphones, but I'd rather get Joseph ones if I were to buy rare Grado can.
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