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Looking for help on Gaming/Music headphones

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Hello Head-Fi, this is my first post here, so please excuse me if I sound a bit new to all of this :P


I currently have a HD598 that I've been using for music and gaming for the past year. I like them a lot, but recently I've found them to be lacking. I've searched on various websites (including Head-Fi) for tons of hours, and I've found some close comparisons to what I was looking at, but was wondering if anyone had a more personal response.


After using the HD598 for a while, I'm looking for slightly more bass. Music-wise, I'm not a big bass type of guy, I prefer more mids/treble, but it sometimes feels like I am missing out. I primarily listen to power/symphonic metal. Bands such as Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, and Rhapsody of Fire are a few examples. While it sounds good, sometimes I think it could be much better. Otherwise, I listen to all types of Jazz, and I feel the HD598 really shine there, and I don't have any problems. As for games, the HD598 has a really nice soundstage, and games in general sound great, except in explosions in shooters, or other deep rumbles you would expect from games.


I'm currently looking for headphones that will sound great for power/symphonic metal, have slightly more bass presence than the HD598, and will also work with games. It seems like this section would fall under what head-fi calls the "mid-fi". A few of the headphones that seem to fit the bill would be:


A. Beyerdynamic DT 990

B. Sony MDRMA900

C. Fidelio X1

D. AKG 702 (Preferably the 65th Anneversary Edition)


The headphones would be used at home only, on a dedicated amp. Originally, I thought the DT990 would be a great choice, but I read in a few places that mids were overshadowed which had me worried. While the Fidelio X1 seems to have more bass than I was looking for, from what I read it's not overbearing, and would probably help with games. The Sony/AKG seem to be neutral compared to the other 2, but posts I read aren't really in the same predicament as I am, and it's hard to find a clear choice. (Most people asking similar questions are either bass heads, or running headphones off a low powered source, etc)


If anyone has input on which headphone is better suited towards this taste, I would love the help. I'm also open to any suggestions to other headphones, the 4 I listed seem to be solid choices from what I gathered.


Thanks for the help :smile: 

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The more present mids and slightly deeper bass response of the dt880s have made them a more preferred choice over the dt990s for many listeners to this day. With a dedicated amp already there, I will have to recommend the dt880s for what you already have and want. Aim for the 250-600 ohm rating as well, based on how powerful your amp is rated.
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