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Need IEM help

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For the past few months I've always been more interested in headphones than IEMs, but after getting my hands on Head-Fi's popular giant killer Philips SHE3590, I'm starting to shift more into the IEM side.


I'm still a noob in the world of audiophile that I didn't completely understand terms such as sub-bass, extension, etc (I even thought that the SHE3590 has weak bass even though more experienced people says it was V-shaped) so the following description of my ideal sound signature might be a bit vague (or inaccurate), I want an IEM that has impressive clarity, forward presentation, good balance with a slight tilt towards punchy, full bodied bass, but not enough to call them warm, basically what I thought of the Sennheiser Amperior sound signature I tried recently, which is the best headphone I listened so far. I'm doing this because I want to have one more IEMs for comparisons and I'm not the biggest fan of the Philips' sound signature. 


I'm planning to start low at first just to do some comparing with my other sets to understand describing sound a bit, so my budget is 100 $ and below, but if you have any suggestions over that price feel free to post them as well, I can go to the nearest Jaben and have a go at it.



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For starters, try out the jvc fxt90 with twin drivers. If they are not for you, then return them, but don't trash anything.
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Ah the FXT90, heard good things about them 'round here.

Might need to check whether they have those return policy, I'm a bit new to Jaben.

I also need to check whether they have those in stock.


Anyways, thanks for the help!

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