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Portable Headphones

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Hey everyone, This is my first time here and i was just asking if anyone has good recommendations for Headphones with a clean rich sound that is a portable headset great for school or walking around town with. I have looked into ATH M50's but the cord is very long and is not suited for me. I am not looking for anything with monstrous bass. My price range is anywhere from $100-$200aus so please help me out :)


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Heya, I've just got a new pair of ATH-ES700 today, and I think they would suit your preference for something with a clean rich sound. Has a decent bass response that isn't overpowering, with smooth clear mids and sufficient sparkle in the treble. Soundstage is surprisingly good as well. Only drawback might be the earpad design which some people have complained as being thin and uncomfortable.


Overall it should provide a nice clean sound with good looks too. And it's definitely available for slightly under 200 AUD here in Australia (bought mine for 199).


I've tried the Sony MDR-10R too, decent sound quality for a sub-200 AUD headphones although I personally prefer the SQ for the ES700. You can try the Sony MDR-10R in stores like JB HiFi (I'm assuming you're in Oz as well).

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thankyou very much I will look into your recommendations :)

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Beyerdynamics dtx501p
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Welcome to Head-Fi!

What kinds of music do you normally listen to and what are your upstream sources?

And when you say "rich", what, more precisely, do you mean?

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Thankyou :), I listen to many different style and genres of music mostly Jazz, alternative hip hop, progressive and indie rock such as nujabes and coldplay. When I say rich I am meaning a warm sound in my ear and real sound not enhanced with massive bass.

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Do you like lots of detail?  

Amped or unamped?

You might want to consider the Martin Logan Mikros 90 closed portables.

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