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Hello fellow Head-Fiers,

     Has anyone seen any specifications in terms of audio playback for these new iRiver MP3 players?


So far they only seem to be available from Japan.


What I liked about them was the incorporation of a player into a memory stick.  No extra cables required, just plug it in and transfer your music directly and obviously it doubles as a storage device(but then isn't that true of most players?).


They also seem to have a nice screen and interface.


My main issue with grabbing one on the spot is that I don't know if they can play OGG files back and what the overall audio capability of the units is.


So far there seems to be 2 models.


An 8GB version (about $60 Australian)

And a 16GB version (about $100 Australian).


If anyone knows anything more than what I've been able to translate from the Japanese pages, it would be most helpful if you could share the information.


Thank you in advance.