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This is my first post here, after reading the forum several weeks.

I am totally confused and I need to understand the truth.


According to Android developers, Android is limited in playing just CD-quality audio file.

It seems that everything @ 24 bits and 96 or 192 kHz will not be played at all or downsampled to the CD-quality.


There are some apps on the Google Play, such us USB Audio Recorder PRO (and the Player too) that acclaim to be able to play even high definition audio files, since developers rewrite some part of the Android code.

Some apps do not require to root the Android, running @ user mode, other apps need to be root, since they work @ kernel level.


My goal is play high definition audio (24 bit and 96 or 192 kHz) on an Android device (smartphone, player, tablet...), reading from a file server \ network share \ UPnP \ DNLA media server that hosts the music, bypassing the internal DAC and therefore outputting to an external DAC by OTG cable and moreover AVOIDING at all  downsampling so maintaining the original bitstream.


In other words it should be "bit perfect".