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Hello all, I have seen a lot of posts on this site about the 500s being reviewed, and I have seen others comparing the 800s, 600s, etc. I have not found anything that has just compared the two. The reason I am only asking about these two is because I will be able to get a pair of 500s for $110 and a pair of 800s for $100. The price difference is not too much, so I am asking mainly because of that. I am not really interested in the 600s or the 1000s. I am not really asking for input saying that these types of headphones might not have good audio "quality." I do have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50RDs, so I do know what audio quality sounds like. I'm only asking about the XB comparison because I would like to have a set of well-balanced headphones (m50s) and a pair of headphones only for when I'd like to listen to bass-intense music now and then (XB?). I have heard many good things about the 500s, so I have been leaning towards those. I also know the 500s are over the ear, and the 800s are on the ear. That is another factor, but I'd really like a sound comparison first in terms of which bring the bass more and which really sound better overall before making a judgment of how they would fit. Thanks in advance!