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Hi all.  I just joined the forum and thought I would introduce myself.  I am a long time audio-enthusiast, but up until a month ago, I have been strictly a 2-channel speaker person. So, I am a headphone noob.


I decided to buy some headphones to listen to while my wife and son sleep, as I can't really listen to my 2-channel speaker setup late at night because the sound from my music room bleeds into other portions of the house and I don't want a divorce and a sleep deprived teenager falling asleep during classes.


So, I bought the HD-600 after reading tons of reviews on this site and seeking advice on other audio forums.  I have only had them for a month but I quite like them.


I have yet to figure out my "preferred sound signature" for headphones (on my 2 channel speaker setup, I am more of a purist and like neutrality with just a touch of warmth, but not sure if I will also like that sound in headphones).  So, I decided to buy a few different headphones to experiment with.  


I just bought HE-400 and T90's this weekend online.   I will pit all 3 against each other and decide which ones to sell (although I may keep them all, who knows).


I have purchased a Geek Pulse X, with all the upgrades and Geek LPS that I will use for headphone listening this coming summer when the product is delivered.  Until the Pulse arrives, I am using the headphone amp included with my Bel Canto DAC 2.5.


Anyway, I just wanted to say "hello".


Cheers, Blake

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Traditional Greeting...

Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet...

It seems the traditional greeting is already apropos for you - you have only been at it a month and you have already spent more than I have in 10+ years of head-fi! Make sure you post your findings on the shoot-out in the equipment forum!
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Welcome! I enjoyed my HD600 a lot when I had it. smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks for the welcome.


I should have put a smiley face by my comment about keeping all 3 headphones as I was joking a bit there :smile:.  I am only planning on keeping one.  


Will be sure to post my findings in the forums.

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Do let us know which of the three you prefer!

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Well the dust has settled.  I enjoyed all 3 of these hp's and I can where each of the 3 might appeal to people with different preferences in sound.  


-I found the HD600's nice and balanced, extremely comfortable, but in the end, it was just a touch too laid back/mellow for me.


-I loved the bass on the HE-400 and actually thought the comfort was fine.  I am not sure what the deal is, but after listening to these for a while, my ears would hurt.


-T-90's, well I love them.  Equally as comfortable as the HD600's but a more exciting and fun sound.  Nice punch in the bass, good mids, great detail.  The overall balance is a bit tipped up, but I enjoy this aspect.  I know some don't care for the highs on the T-90's, but not me.


Winner:  T-90's!

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