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Best $60 IEM on Amazon

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Could anyone recommend me on which earbuds to get i'm a bit skeptical on the MEElectronics A161 and the Creative Aurvana 3 wires reading that they tend to rip, making me lean towards to VSonic VSD1S. 


Here are the links to the iem's



 VSonic VSD1S

Creative Aurvana 3

MEElectronics A161

Thanks for the help in advance!

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I don't have experience with these. But I believe that if you list what kind of music you listen to, it will make it easier for people to help you find ones that fit your needs. 

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If wire disconnections concern you and have the extra cash, the panasonic "rp-hje900-w" (cut-and-paste quote on amazon search) iems have detachable cable. People have lost their earbuds detaching while on-the-move, so you will have to take care of them, but will pay for themselves with a zirconic housing (not so good with jewelry, great with earbuds).
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I think the vast majority of cable issues with IEMs are caused by the user, not the headphone. If you wad them up and stick them in your pocket or backpack, or catch them on a passing doorknob, you should expect to have them break.
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