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Blaupunkt 112 Comfort

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Does anyone have any experience with the Blaupunkt 112 Comfort? I'm looking for a a pair of travel headphones under £80. Main purpose will be for air travel. I've not heard of the 112's before but came across them during an Amazon search:


Reviews are mostly very positive but would appreciate some opinions. Comfort + Noise Cancelling are the key aspects here. I'd personally prefer headphones with velour pads as I get overheated with the leather pads pretty quickly but would still consider these. I have an 8 hour flight coming up so would appreciate your help. Alternatives in the same price bracket welcomed.



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As a frequent traveler, I have had experience with several brands of NC headphones...including Bose, Denon, and Sony.  The best to me ears were the Denon.  My judgement is based on a combination of (1) the level of noise canceling and (2) the sound quality with the NC active.  I do not have experience with the Blaupunkt.  My experience is that the Bose have the best NC, but fairly poor sound quality.  The Sony's I had were just the opposite...good SQ, relatively weak NC.  For me the Denon's (AH NC732) were a good compromise.  Again from my experience only, I would say that is this one area of headphone design where the price of the headphones is a fairly good indication of the performance.  You might want to look at the InnerFidelity website.  I believe there is a good review of a variety of brands of NC headphones.  Personally, I believe that the very presence of noise canceling interferes with good SQ...but when you need it, you need it.  At the moment, when traveling I am more likely to use my Shure SE535 IEMS.  The Shure IEMS have pretty impressive isolation and to my ears the SQ is hard to beat.  This may be another option for you to consider.

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