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For Sale: Noble 6 Universal

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Noble 6 Universal

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Considering selling the awesome Noble 6 that I am happy I got to try out. 


Comes with all bands, stickers, accessories, boxes, etc that came directly from Noble.  PM with questions. Thank you.


Price includes shipping and paypal fees in the US, international buyers pm please

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Now taking offers.

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Looks interesting. I wish I could demo them or read any available impressions. Would you be able to compare their sound to anything more well-known (avoiding the word mainstream), perhaps in the realm of CIEMs or similarly priced universals?
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I'm not the most articulate person when describing sound.  There are a couple threads that go into very good detail vs other earphones.  


Some things that stick out to me:


Non-fatiguing highs, great bass texture when called for (i like a little more impact when using it with my O2), amazing imaging, amazing mid clarity.  Only downfall, price.  I have to get back within my means and pay some CC debt off, but I fight with myself daily on whether to keep them and deal with it or sell them and be smart.  If you have more specific questions, pm me. 

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Thanks for the description. I was asking not just for myself but for other prospective buyers as well. More information can only help.
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Oh I know :) I dont like to toot my own horn when selling something though because I cannot promise how the buyer will hear things.  I appreciate it though.  :)

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Are they still up for sale and open to reasonable offers?
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Oh how I wish I had the money. I've been really interested in trying Noble's UIEM's, reviews are scarce. This is a great price for anyone that is looking at getting these new, which is why I'm cringing right now. hahaha


I'm in the same boat caracara08, I have many things to pay off but I'm too much of a hoarder to sell my precious headphone collection. hahaha

Cheers and good luck with the sale my friend.

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Thank you DJ. Thats the great thing about headfi.  You can try out gear that you would never ever get to try, at minimal loss, by buying used and reselling.  I have done a ton of transactions and was able to try tons of high-ish end equipment in the years I have been into headphones.  Most of the time maybe lose 5-10% + shipping but for the experiences I have gathered, it was/is well worth it.  


Most ppl went with the 4 but I am happy I went with the 6.  Even Wizard says these are his go to IEMs and now I know why.

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