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Using the analogue outputs. I haven't tried the S/PDIF connections yet. Perhaps I ought to write up a complete review when I've finished testing all this stuff.


I say 'isn't quite up to CD quality' because I don't want to get into a row.


In fact with the best current generation of BT transmitters and receivers it's quite hard to tell the difference. The previous generation of BT devices never got much better than 128/192 kbps MP3 to my ears (they have their own compression algorithm and MP3 sounded better than lossless because of the data rate). The new generation ones are better than that. So it starts to get difficult. I don't want to start one of those controversies.


So if you are the type of guy who hears a 'night and day'  difference between mp3 and lossless or different brands of cable you might be faintly disappointed but if, like me, you cannot be arsed to spend all afternoon arsing about with the foobar ABX component desperately trying to find some insignificant variation then it's easily good enough to go. Certainly better than your speakers or headphones in terms of absolute fidelity.


Good info to know. Thanks for the detailed response. smily_headphones1.gif