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Sennheiser CX-400 II

i noticed that not many "layman's" reviews are there about the CX 400 II so i decided that i would do one.

disclaimer: I am no expert and neither am i a very avid purchaser of earphones,sadly, no budget, a broke college boy. i want to give a decent review without being too techy as many a new fellow headfiers do not know much about the itty bitty details and technicality.

If you want a simple review scroll right down to the end. if not skip to next line,

Moving on,

lets get started,


the packaging was good looking, but again the dreaded blister pack. hurt my fingernails trying to open it. a warning to those who would buy it DO NOT OPEN WITHOUT SCISSORS.

simple packaging. could do better for 69.99 USD. those who love fancy packaging stay away. unlike the brainwavz these do not come in those hard boxes which i feel every IEM must come in .

These came with a Black soft leather case with a shiny sennheiser logo. surprisingly plain and classy at the same time.

Then there are a usual set of tip S/M/L. they have also provided a set of biflanges as well ( unlike the brainwavz ) which was pleasing.

One thing that surprised me was the earphone holder. very unusual quirky thing.

It was a little impractical. For those who regularly travel and are planning on using these as on the go earphones it is impractical to wait and fold these headsets and put it in its sockets and get of the bus at the same time. unless you want to get down a stop further then you should avoid these. they are fancy sure, but they are painful to use in a hurry. it looks like the picture below when bound. it is useless in a rush unless you are OCD like me.

Build Quality
The build is one of its strong points. feels like it is sturdy and would hold up to pressure when handled normally. the L plug shown below is exceptionally sturdy, its really thick. i feel like you could use it as a hook for your coat or something.I really like the sennheiser logo on the l plug, i think it looks good. one downside is it kind of sticks out and gets caught up in your pocket.

The splitter as shown below has a protector sort of thing that stops the cord from breaking when you bend it which i think is a useful addon.

talking about usefulness the " integrated volume control " shown below is utterly useless. the control is too clunky and unrefined to be used as the primary control.

The speakerheads were pretty small. i felt the quality of the casing unit could have been better, but sturdy nonetheless.

The downside of the build quality is the cabling. dont get me wrong, its thick and all but it suffers from microphonics when worn normally. when worn over the ears its a little better but not good enough. the lack of flat cabling for a pair of 70 dollar earphones is inexcusable. monster offers flat cabling for its 30 dollar IEMs. the one good thing is that the microphonics are not so bad that they are heard when playing music. very dissapointed in the cables. ( Bad boy sennheiser, Bad).

Sound Quality
This is the highlight of these things, they sound accurate but not so accurate that they sound their tagline says the sound is very natural.
as i tested this out of the box no info on pre burn in and after burn in. the bass on these is fantastic. the quantity is lacking but the quality is fantastic. Bassheads that like pop should absolutely stay away. no boomy low end here. i listen to music primarily on my phone. i have tested these out using mp3 and a couple of flacs. the vocals are the main presentation here . it feels like the vocals are a given a little more priority than the other elements. on hotel california by eagles i could hear the artists breath, it was fantastic.the bass is very mid and high oriented . not much low end. if you are looking for rap and typical hip hop stuff and like your bass heavy stay away. me a basshead being impressed with a neutral headphone is rare and these seem to do a miracle. the drums sound like they are right behind me. one more interesting thing i noticed was that he sound does not feel like its originating from my ears. it feels like the singer is sitting in the center of my head while the drummer is behind and the guitarist and bassassists on either side. the isolation is good but not the best. the downside to these are that they are a little too sibilant. the "s"es are very pronounced but i guess that would tone down after a few hundred hours.

the accoustic and vocal kind of songs sound best in these earphones. hip hop and rap are average compared to the accoustic kind. country music will also sound fantastic. rock sounds good but unfortunately the downside to rock is that the distortion guitaring is a little muddled. in rock the distortion feels like background music more than upfront shredding. it still sounds good nonetheless just not as fantastic as vocals. in the flac rendition of the accoustic version of foo fighters everlong you can hear the pick noise and the string plucking sound which is very detailed and fantastic. 

I will Break it down into sub categories to make it more pleasing to the eye,
BUILD : 8/10
1 point deducted for cables, .5 point deducted for useless volume control, 0.5 point deducted for a little uncomfortable L plug

1 point for the impractical cable organiser, .5 point for the soft leather case( could have been a hard case for 70 USD ), .5 points for no comply. ( could learn something from brainwavz)

Sound Quality : 8.5/10
0.5 point for the low end bass, 0.5 point for the distortion guitar, 0.5 point for the sibilance.

the only reason it got 8 is its sound quality else if judged on other factors it gets a 7.

OVERALL : 8/10
it just works somehow despite its minor lack of common sense in many places.
overall very impressed. despite its minor quirks its worth looking into. the vocals floored me in these IEMS. Definately worth a try.

thanks for reading,

good day.
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