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Hello all


 New member here. I play bagpipes and listen to pipe band music and am looking for a pair of circum aural phones that have good bass. I need to hear the bass drum in the music (if you want to call bagpipes music, some use other terms)

 I have worn earplugs daily at work for the last 20 years, they are a bit tender, so headhones must be the fully around the ear kind, cant stand the in or on ear kind. 


 Anyway, can a single pair of headphones cover wireless (the ps3) and wired both? Wired would have more volume since they wouldnt be relying only on batteries? Or is there any difference?


I have vinyl also, but these will likely be converted to digital and put on CD or MP3 so not a major concern.

 I watch movies and listen to music, rock and classical mostly, on the laptop, and the ps3 is currently the CD player with an older late 80s JVC receiver, if it matters. I have only listened to a pair of Sony 98085 to compare. Needs more bass, and they dont go loud enough. The Sony gaming arent that great for music, to me anyway.


Looking around 100-125 ish, less if decent. 


Thanks all