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Hi all, first post here.
I ordered the Sennheiser HD 650, expected to come tomorrow.
I have the following gear available to set my hp rig:
Headphones: Senn Amperiors, Sony MDR-1R, Grado SR60i.
DAC: Wyred4Sound Dac-2
Amp: Fiio E09K.
Source: Logitech Squeezebox Touch via coax, streaming from NAS.
Music: A lot of jazz, alternative rock. No classical. Majority flac files, growing hi-res collection.
My idea is to get rid of the sonys and grados and keep the sennheisers, HD 650 for home, Amperiors for mobile listening (iphone and office).
Do you believe I need to upgrade the amp?
Will I miss something using the Fiio with the HD 650?
I like the sound i get with the Amperiors.
I've been looking for a all-in-one solution that allows me to level the amp and dac quality like the Teac UD-501. I'd have to sell the DAC-2 to buy this DAC/Amp.
What do you think?