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Recommend a headphone soundcard combo. Max 150£

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It's been a while since I built my pc and it was quite an investment.. I've concluded my audio game isn't up to par with the rest so I need to step it up a little.

Currently I'm using Sony MDR-ZX100 with onboard soundcard (Realtek ALC898). Even though I don't really have a problem with how they sound I know for a fact by upgrading I can take listening to music to a whole new level.

I don't want to just blindly pick some earphones and then be disappointed, so I turn to you guys.


I listen to pretty much every subgenre of hiphop, rock, metal, electronic music, pop.

Some random examples:











I don't have much knowledge in audio terms, but as far as I know I want them to produce a relatively wide soundstage and have a strong bass performance without ruining the rest. I'd prefer over-ear.

Also It would be a plus if they'd be more accurate in terms of where enemy footsteps come from when playing cod4.



I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give me some recommendations with pros and cons.

I'm on a tight budget and if a recommended combo would cost close to 150 its sound better be worth the money.

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Most bang for your buck will come from upgrading the headphones first. For closed headphones, Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm. Your onboard audio should be able to drive them OK. Then wait until you can buy a good sound card to go with them.

However, you can get a bigger soundstage for gaming by going with open headphones.
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Sen HD558 and Modmic (or any cheap clip on mic) and asus DGX soundcard. Should do the trick
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