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Replacement for Sony MDR-XB500

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My current headphones are dying and I need new ones. I'm interested in bass-heavy headphones since I love bass, but the overall sound should be pretty great too. I also want a comfortable wear and nice design. The ones I had until now were the Sony MDR XB500 and I was quite satisfied. I don't want anything over 100$, the lesser the cost, the better. I often lie in bed on my side with the headphones on, which means I often compress one side of the headphone. I also have the cable pretty lose from my PC to my bed so it should be quite sturdy, since I sometimes trip over them and rip them out.

I definitely want over-the-ear headphones, not IEM or open-ear.

I was looking at Audio Technica M50, but it's a bit too expensive for me.

I also looked at JVC HA-RX700/900 but would like an opinion about them first, before purchasing.

Thank you in advance :)

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Judging by what your specifications are, I have the perfect heaphone for you. Check out the panasonic RP-HTF600-s which definitely seem super walmart but they are a hidden jem. They are only $30 which is very hard to beat for what you get and quite a few people considered them to have the sound of a $200 headphones . They are also described as being very bassy and are often compared to the xb500 but they are also better than the xb500 in the sense that they have much crisper and cleaner highs and mids. It also sounds by the way that you treat your headphones that you need a durable headphone as well as being comfortable. The panasonics have you covered again. They are not flimsy and they are soft but not pillows and are firm but not bricks. It seems to me that this would be absolutely perfect for you. If you don't believe me just check out this review. http://www.head-fi.org/products/panasonic-rp-htf600-s-step-monitor . I hope I was helpful.

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Thank you. As far as I can tell from reviews about those, they break easily after a few months of heavy use. I basically sit infront of my computer with my headphones on the whole time, and I lie in bed like 2/3 hours a day with them, on one side. So I'm worried that the headphones won't last.

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It is possible for them to break as it is with every headphone but it seems like not many headphones are going to hold up to what you want under $100. It doesn't even matter if they are over $100 because that is some seriously hard use laying on them for like 2/3 hours a day! Sounds like you need to invest in some earbuds and some over ears for both occasions. The over ears for at the computer and the earbuds for in bed. I suggest getting the Panasonics for computer time and the Sennheiser  cx300 bass enhanced earbuds for bed time. The sennheisers are definitely good for bass as far as earbuds go and they are $37 on amazon so you can get both headphones under your budget. Here is the link for the sennheisers: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-Precision-Enhanced-Earbuds-Black/dp/B001EZYMF4/ref=dp_ob_title_ce 

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Thank you. Are there maybe other options besides the Panasonic in my budget? What about the JVC I mentioned earlier?

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Sure there are. I have never owned the Jvc's you mentioned so I don't know how well they do. The reviews seem to complement them on their sound and bass but a LOT of people said that the earcups get hot which would be very bad for you if you where laying in bed with them on. I also don't think they look particularly durable but looks can be deceiving. I do have another recommendation even though they are right at the top of your price range. Skullcandys seem to get a bad rap and I understand why but these headphones really are something else. If you are looking for great bass then these can just at Crush it. That must be why they are called crushers, not to be confused with the previous model, the skullcrushers. The new and redesigned crushers actually have the amp built into the cup and the bass is fully adjustable from soft bass to break your skull bass. As far as I can tell though, they cant seem to do very good at low frequencies of bass that you may be used to with the xb500s but they just kill the xb500s in the higher frequencies like around 60 to 55 hz. But when they hit, they hit hard and will literally shake your head all over the place. They are unmatched by anything on the market so there really is nothing to compare them to. I would NOT recommend laying on them in bed due to the fact that they don't seem to be the most durable headphone in the world but when you get up there in the price range, producers aren't going to worry about durability so much and focus more on sound. Here is a link to buy them and i have looked all over but this seems to be the normal price. Skullcandy Crushers-$100: http://www.amazon.com/Skullcandy-Crusher-Headphones-Amplifier-S6SCFZ-072/dp/B00E1CS8QG

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Thank you I will look at them. Any opinions about the Superlux HD668B and the Creative Aurvana Live! ?

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The superlux seems like it was built SUPER cheap and sense durability seems to be something that you want I would not recommend these judging by their looks. A lot of times headphones with exposed metal wiring are not going to be super durable due to the fact that you can bend the wire braces easily especially by laying on them. Superlux also isn't necessarily know for their great sound anyways. I cant say too much about the creatives other than they just seem very normal. Nothing very special about them and they also seem to be make more for convenience then great bass or sound. Some of these headphones you just don't know until you try. What did you think of my idea about earbuds. Have you ever had experience with earbuds in the past?

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Yeah, I use earbuds at the gym. I'm not fond of them for the computer. I feel like the sound is too direct. I'd rather by surrounded by it, like it's coming from around me than it actually being inside my ear :/

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Yea, I hear what you are saying. I just figured that would be a good fit for laying in bed rather than crushing one side of your headphone all the time. That's actually something else that the skullcandy crushers do well. They have a sort of echo and a very open sense about them that gives the allusion that the sound is coming from all sides. You can imagine how good the bass sounds with that.

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That sounds great and I love their design, but they are a bit pricey. Do you maybe have any reviews about the headphones we talked about? Like a reliable, good review site? :)

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Well, head-fi is the best I know of for reviews. A lot of people will do a review with a durability section. You could just go on to amazon or somewhere else that sells them and read reviews that other people have posted. I have had them for about 3 months now and no problems so far.

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Alright thank you. I would like to know if there is a way to fix my current headset though. The only problem that it has, is that the isolation around the jack came off and now the cable is kinda loose, resulting in sound-failure in one of the two speakers from time to time, and sometimes a lot of noise. Is there a way to stabilize it? I tried with scotch tape, but it didn't help. The problem is that the connector is at a 90° angle, which sucks for stability :/

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If you're going to lie down and listen to headphones compressing one 'cup', nothing from $0 to $X will last that long.

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Yeah I figured :/ So is there any way to fix the cable?

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