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Help chosing bluetooth headphones

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Hi there,
First of all great and helpfull forum, for something that can really seem quite overwhelming at first smily_headphones1.gif And second of all, sorry for wall of text!

Short version:
I need a pair of bluetooth headphones with good enough sound quality, and I am having a really hard time chosing / figuring out pros and cons. Look further down for the ones I am considering. Especially I don't know how mutch of a diference apt-x have on sound quality and / or latency.

Long version:
I've been using a pair of Senheiser 555s for the last many many years, before I had the current pair of 555s I had another pair of senheisers. I use them at home I use them on the go, I use them at work, I use them pretty much everywhere I go.  most of the time however I use them on the go, and not having a mic inbuilt is becoming increasingly annoying, as I use them with my htc one x  as my main player, and I would love to just push a button not on the phone and answer the call without getting my phone out or anything. And since I use them on the go or while I'm cooking, the wires start to annoy me too. So I've decided bluetooth (with optional wire) is the way to go, as I need something that I can use for all situations.

I don't mind paying the premium for less audio quality, that just comes with the territory. What I do mind is latency if used with Skype or as a headset for my phone or terrible sound quality for the receiving part.

At home I listen to Vinyls, CDs and MP3s as well as streaming (spotify, youtube, various other stuff), so pretty much the everything at home I usually go through my amplifiers (some relatively cheap and oldish Sony amp), so I'm using the D/A converter in that rather than my computers on board - when I can get away with it, but will invest in a blutooth dongle with apt-x for it if needed.

I listen to classical music, metal, pop and mainstream rock, and I listen a LOT to podcasts, and as I mentioned Skype. I don't like headphones that are overly bassy, and I like a rather open sound. The 555s were quite acceptable while not being fantastic, but that level of sound quality is quite acceptable. I hate anything but over the ear cups, so that is almost a requirement.

ANC is great but not a necessity and it is a requirement to be able to turn it off.

What I have considered:
Sony MDR1RBT / possibly MK2 if they ever get to Europe?
Logitech UE9000
Parrot Zik
Creative Aurvana Platinium or Gold - any idea when they will be released?

Anything else I should consider?

All of these have some pros and cons, but I am not really able to point them out. How important is apt-x? what bluetooth version should it be and what changes in the various versions, I am confused. I've read  reviews of the headsets I could find, but some of them doesn't seem to be released yet, so I don't know if it is worth it waiting for them. I would NFC but again I don't know if I should wait for a model that has all the things I need, and further more I am not able to find any information about the release date of the new aurvana models, only thing I could read was that they were supposed to come out in 2013, but that doesn't seem to have happened.

So all in all I think I need inputs smily_headphones1.gif

Oh yeah I think my max price is around the 300 dollar mark, but that really depends on what price they chose for the European/Danish market smily_headphones1.gif

Thanks for any help!
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Well this thread got burried quickly :) Still reading reviews and tryingto figure out when the Creative ones will be released. 


Any help still appreciated on OP.

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