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MA900 vs NAD VISO HP50

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I have been researching a lot and have been having trouble finding comparisons of the MA900 and the NAD VISO HP50. I realize one is closed and one is open. My use for them will be music(electronic, indie, rock, pop are my favorite genres, but i listen to all kinds of music), movies, and gaming(pleasure moreso than competitive). I also plan to use them for studying. Any help in comparing these 2 headphones would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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The HP50 hasn't been out very long and not too many people have the MA900 (compared to something like the HD600).

No closed headphone can compete with the MA900, at least under a reasonable price, so it'd be foolish to compare. If you need a closed can, go with the hp50 or something in that class (MOMENTUM, P7, ATH WS99, M100, etc).
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Thank you very much for the info!
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