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I think I may have found my favourite album of 2014. Maybe even of the last couple of years. Been playing it relentlessly. It reminds me of that it's been a very long time that a record made such an impression and had giant replay value. Even more so because it's a female artist who with the odd exception don't do it for me at all. Emma Ruth Rundle (oh sweet beautiful Emma) - Some Heavy Ocean
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Is one of the rules to post the cd pic?  LOL....


Dave Weckl "Convergence" cd.


Arguably the greatest drummer in the world put out an amazing collaboration with his past keyboard player Jay Oliver.


If you were ever looking for a cd that bridged the gap between rock and jazz you can't go wrong with this cd.  It's amazing.  All musicians are masters at their craft.  I love this cd!!

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Jenny Hval & Susanna: Meshes of Voice


Tried to pull together a paragraph describing this thing--after half a dozen false starts I gave up. Let's just put it this way: if you have a thing for weird pop, and you're pretty ok with noisy experimentation and droning ambiance, then you need this in your life. The art pop equivalent of Boris and Sunn O)))'s Altar. 


Kayo Dot: Coffins on Io


Will Kayo Dot top my year-end list of best albums, like they did last year? Stay tuned to find out!

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Johnny Marr returns.. Much better than last year totally forgotten album, now he at least sounds or looks like Liam or Noal Gallagher, make your pick.. One absolutely great thing IMO.. I have heard that JM is playing a bunch (some) of the Smiths songs at his present tour. That is all I need to experience in 2014.. Who else can play the intro of "This Charming Man" etc. correctly and with the same time feel..







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Vashti Bunyan: Heartleap

You'll either find it to be beautiful or to be boring. I think it's quite beautiful.


Godflesh: A World Lit Only by Fire

Godflesh are back, and in a big way. One of the best metal albums of the year.


Pharmakon: Bestial Burden

Death industrial goes pop. Viscera and vomit are involved. (Note: not actually a pop record.)


Run the Jewels: Run the Jewels 2

Hip hop album of the year?


Scott Walker and Sunn O))): Soused

Two of the most prominent and yes, even legendary, modern experimental rock artists team up and see what happens. Remember that Lou Reed + Metallica thing that came out a couple years back? If you are at all like me, you actually had some hopes for that thing, and thought that there were at least a couple of pretty stunning moments on it, even if the rest was trash. This is sort of like those stunning moments, stretched out to 50 minutes. A must for those who love Walker's recent work.

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Drive-By Truckers: English Oceans

One of the great modern rock bands, Drive-By Trucker's newest album keeps the song writing tight. A nice album for sunny fall days.



Cayetana: Nervous Like Me

Fun pop punk.

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