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Need help getting music from Computer to Amp!!

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 Hi Guys

 I'm new to the forum so please excuse any newbie mistakes.

 I need some help getting quality music from my computer to my speakers. I just did a big changeover on my components, getting rid of my old system and starting to put together a new one. I now have an REGA RP-3 Turntable, Rogue Sphinx Amplifier and I kept my old RSL Nevada floor monitors. In the meantime, when I am not playing vinyl, I had plugged in my iPod for music that I did not have on vinyl, and the sound is obviously pretty bad.

 I have an older Mac Powerbook G4 that I plan on using for my digital music, all my CD's are on an external hard disk in lossless format connected to my mac. I have been researching DAC's and I am looking for some advice. I want to keep everything within a $750 budget. The DAC's i have been exposed to are The Cambridge DacMagic 100, The Schiit Bifrost, Arcam irDAC, Simaudio Moon 100D and the Micromega MyDac!

 My question is not necessarily about "which" deck to get (although any input is appreciated... I'm leaning toward the Schiit)... but more of a question about what else I will need to make the connection from computer to DAC to Amplifier. the computer only has firewire, usb and ethernet ports to connect and I've been reading some bad things about USB connections.

 Now the question!

 What s the best (and best sounding) way to get music from my computer to my amplifier within $750 budget? The budget must include any recommended accessories cables etc.

Thanks for the help

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Airplay from Airport Express for about $100 will give you spectacular sound. Connect Airport Express to wall outlet, and to your control amp via RCA. If you want to be on internet and listen to music connect LAN on Airport Express to router. Your Mac/iTunes has utilities which will get everything up and running in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.


I have had the opportunity to listen to computer audio from my home theatre system in just about every imaginable way, and, so far, Airport Express, using its DAC, has given me detail not discerned even when going from USB to S/PDIF direct to control amp's processor.

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Thanks Sterling1

 I will be dedicating the laptop to audio only so it can be hard wired to the system. Would using airport express sound as good as being wired directly to the system?

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My original interest in WI-FI was my wife's complaint about cable from laptop to HT. That cable converted USB to S/PDIF optical via X-FI HD for input to pre/pro at 24/96. It sounded really good, indistinguishable from SACD. But my wife's intolerance for the cable forced me to get the Airport Express. I was expecting a loss of sound quality but to my surprise I am now enjoying my music library all over again since I am now hearing detail not heard before. I do not know why the sound is better. Could be the DAC, less jitter, who knows, but one thing for sure it sounds as good as I have ever heard any of the music in my library.

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