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For Sale: Signal Cable for Sennheiser 580/600 - SOLD!!!

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Signal Cable for Sennheiser 580/600 - SOLD!!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I purchased Signal Cable headphone cables for my HD580's (recently sold here on Head-Fi). Relative to the stock cables, I was very pleased with these Signal Cables, as they offered more air, transparency, upper-end extension and punchy bass.


I originally purchased both the copper and silver cables, and kept them both as I liked them both so much, for different reasons. 


Left for sale is an 8' "Classic" cable - copper. MSRP is $110, I will sell for $65. 


This cable provides a significant improvement in Sennheiser performance. The copper cable has a warmer sound with fuller bass than the silver, yet still opens up the Sennheisers significantly.


Buyer to cover paypal fees and shipping. Purchase both cables and I will cover both of these charges.


Feel free to PM me with any questions.  Thanks, Peter


PS - copper is the black cable in the photo below....

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Bump for a Great Cable. Use Silver Reference throughout my system, Excellent value for money.

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Thanks Punit.  Yes it is a great cable.  Both the copper and silver are significant improvements, and I enjoyed the delicacy of the silver.

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My HD580's have sold, but the cables still remain.

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you can close your ad since it is sold...thanks

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