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For Sale: Schiit Valhalla

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For Sale:
Schiit Valhalla

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale: Schiit Valhalla, Head-Fi's highest-rated amp, in "as new" condition.  It's quite possibly the best amp produced at this price point: basically neutral, with deep bass, clarion treble, and just a hint of tubiness in the mids.  The stock 6N1P tubes are very well rounded and neutral, but if you want more "tubiness," I'm including a pair of compatible Electro-Harmonix 6922s, which are known for their wonderful mids (I use them on my new amp, but have an extra pair).  I'll also throw in a pair of Schiit Psst 6" interconnects.  They're made by Straight Wire (rebranded) and are quite good.  
Schiit, has, arguably, the best customer service in the business, and this amp, purchased direct in February, 2013, still has four years left on its five-year warranty (if you'd like, I'll include receipts for amp, cables, and tubes). 
I found the Valhalla stick-on footpads inadequate, so I replaced them with nice Sorbothane pads.  Sorbothane isn't strictly required since the amp doesn't vibrate, but they're what I had and they serve their primary function well.
I bought the Valhalla when I had 150 Ohm HD700s.  After I was given HD800s, and after Schiit failed to introduce a companion tube amp for its Gungnir DAC, I decided to buy a Woo Audio WA2.  Schiit markets the Valhalla for low impedance (under 300 Ohm) headphones, and the Lyr for high-impedance cans.  But the Valhalla is perfectly capable of driving the 300 Ohm HD-800s, and does so with ease, elegance, and grace (electrostatic headphones are a different matter).
The stock Valhalla tubes have 300 hours on them.  The EH 6922s have 140 hours on them.
Price: $285 for the amp plus $15 shipping via UPS ground: $300 total. The Psst cables ($20) and EH 6922s ($30) are free if you want them.  The amp will ship in the original packaging in a second protective box.  I'll cover PayPal transaction fees.
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Sold. Thank you very much.
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