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For Sale: Professionally Modded Schitt Lyr

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For Sale:
Professionally Modded Schitt Lyr

Will Ship To: USA

I need to raise money for another hobby, so a bunch of headphone gear has to go.  This listing is for a professionally modded Shiit Lyr amp.  If you're reading this, you probably know all about the Lyr already.  In stock form, it's great (I know, as I have a stock one, too!).  With these mods, however, the Lyr performs at an absolutely new level.  I have compared the two amps (stock and modded) using matched tubes/source/etc. and found the modded version to have more life, extension, better top to bottom dynamics, and an overall more fulfilling presentation.  I'm sure you'll agree when you hear it that this is the pinnacle of performance for the Lyr.


The work was done by Steve Nugent (of Empirical Audio fame) for a demo he was doing.  I bought it from him, and have put less than 75 hours on it.  I was going to keep it unused until my full rig came together, but that hasn't happened and I don't want this to sit in the box any longer.  The upgrades represent well over $350 in parts and labor.  Here is a description of the work that was done:


1) Used 4 high-voltage teflon signal coupling caps to replace the stock Wima Polypropylene caps.  These are custom teflon caps that Steve had made for the Empirical Audio tubeDAC.  (Over $200 value.)

2) Changed the two bridge rectifers to 8 individual 600V rated HEXFREDs, half soldered on the bottom and half on the topside - used kapton tape to prevent shorting to chassis.  

3) Added one high-voltage Black Gate 350V 22uFd cap to the point where the high voltage splits to two 27K resistors to each tube (4 resistors in total connect to this spot).  ($25 value.)

4) Added .1uFd 250V film caps to the bottom side of the tube sockets, one each.  

5) Used 4 Panasonic low-ESR series electrolytics to replace inexpensive caps for low-voltage decoupling, 2 additional added. ($12 value.)

7) Remounted the output power FETS to enable better contact with the chassis for cooler running

8) Replaced the fuse with a fast-blo solid wire type with a higher rating.  Steve used to do this on all of the Benchmark DAC-1s that he used to mod.  Makes a big difference in dynamics.


The Lyr will ship in its original packaging with power cord, GE 6BQ7A tubes, and basic tube extenders that raise the tubes a bit out of the chassis for better cooling.  I have a pair of Pyst cables that I can include for an additional $10.


Price includes shipping to the continental USA.  I accept Paypal gift (or add 3% for standard Paypal).  Please PM me if you have any questions!

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Hello.  Are both of your Lyrs for sale?  Are you in southern CA by any chance?  Is the 5 year Schiit warranty voided on the modded version?  If so does Steve offer a warranty of his own?


Thanks a lot,



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Hi Brooks.  Yes, both of the Lyrs are for sale.  I'm sorry I'm not in southern CA, believe me!  I'm located in NJ.  I have not investigated the warranty for the modded Lyr, but the only safe assumption is that the warranty is NOT valid.  Steve did some amazing, but not simple, things to that amp.  I'm guessing that Schiit, great as they are, wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.  The modded Lyr works wonderfully, but the buyer will have to understand that there is no warranty.  In my opinion, it's well worth it.  This thing is pretty bullet proof, but that's just my two cents...

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Originally Posted by brooksl View Post

Hello.  Are both of your Lyrs for sale?  Are you in southern CA by any chance?  Is the 5 year Schiit warranty voided on the modded version?  If so does Steve offer a warranty of his own?


Thanks a lot,



Brooks: Just an FYI...Schiit doesn't transfer the warranty regardless of whether it was modded or not.  Schiit's warranty only covers the original buyer...once it is sold, it's gone.

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Sold pending funds...

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