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For Sale or Trade: Furutech power cords/cables

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For Sale or Trade:
Furutech power cords/cables

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have two Furutech power cords available.
The connectors are the flagship FI-50(R) and FI-50M(R), which retail roughly $600/pair before taxes and shipping and all that jazz. Rather than me babble about them, I'll just provide product links:

High purity stranded copper wire (sorry I don't remember the brand), each individually sleeved in paracord to provide extra strength and spacing between each conductor. The result is a very durable and highly flexible cord, much more so than a regular molded power cord. Length of both is approximately 6 feet. Wires and contacts were cleaned with flux and alcohol to ensure clean connection points. Compression contact only; no solder was used.


The connectors have some very minor scuffs from assembly and use (I did plug these in and test them after all) that you can only see under very close examination. Plugs do show a tiny bit of copper through the rhodium plating (I was unable to photograph it; what looks like discolouration in the pictures is just the flash)


Cable #1 - $450: 18 gauge each, 2 wires each for live/neutral/ground (roughly 15 gauge equivalent)

- braid is a 6 strand round configuration

- in the pics this is the skinnier and "tighter" looking cable with stripes

- one each of the live/neutral/ground wires twist clockwise, and the others counterclockwise, all weaving through each other equally to eliminate noise and interference and bad mojo and stuff.


Cable #2 - $550: 16 gauge wire, 3 each for live and neutral (equiv ~11 gauge), and 2 for ground (equiv ~13 gauge)

- braid is essentially a double Milloit of 4 interwoven twisted pairs, two going clockwise and two going counterclockwise, pairings are LN/LG/NL/NG, with opposing pairs weaving perpendicular to each other and twisting in opposite directions, for the best geometry and rejection of noise/interference and warding off evil spirits

- this is a heavy cord, but still surprisingly flexible

- in the pics this is the thicker cable with a loose double helix pattern


But really now, the cords are nice, they're heavy, flexible, and the sleeving/braiding takes a crapton of time to make (especially #2). There's no voodoo going on, and the braids are done carefully for symmetry and noise rejection, not aesthetics.


Prices include shipping (tracked & insured) within Canada/US. I'll split shipping elsewhere. Willing to offer a substantial discount if you take both.


Open to trades for non-cable related things (a balanced dac and/or amp maybe? I'd love some new PA gear, or a new laptop).

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